Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I don't believe in it
but I'd like to

I'd come back six feet tall
just as smart but stronger
no screw or nut could resist me

I wouldn't come back as slime mold
or a banana slug
but a lyrebird, yes, or a bowerbird
or a northern harrier

northern harrier, Circus Cyaneus, Port Morris, TX

also a fox
ducking into thorny brush
at the sight of me on a peruano

South American gray fox, gray zorro, Lycalopex griseus

if not for filth, a pig
if not for dumb, a curly lamb

the lambs visit Ginny every morning [photo V. Biddle]

also I'd come as a spider goat
willing to be milked
for sutures

spider goat, Capra hircus aranea [photo www.news.com.au]